IDENTITY, a collaboration between HEALTH and Maenad Veyl will be on their upcoming album DISCO4 : PART II, out April 8th.

Featuring music with Nine Inch Nails, Poppy, Ho99o9, The Neighbourhood and many more.

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Thomas joins HEALTH on their UK tour this April, for shows in Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London.

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Francesco has announced his new single on Until Riots: a piano piece inspired by Pierre-Eugène-Emile Hébert’s Toujours et jamais.

Death and the Maiden is out on February 11.

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Internationally revered, multi-faceted artist Arnaud Rebotini arrives on Veyl with his next EP, New Territory.

Mastered at Hidden Mountain.

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Our friends at Colossus have just released The Hum, a 6-oscillator analog drone synthesizer with tone shaping, integrated delay and 4 sensitive touch bolts.

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Out now: 50-track various artist compilation Utopia Vanished: From Enslavement to Reiteration, featuring new music by Shifted, Cardopusher, TV.OUT, Arnaud Rebotini and many more.

Mastered at Hidden Mountain.

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Inspired by the earliest known evidence of the concept of zero, Until Riots releases a V.A. compilation featuring Aho Ssan, Black to Comm & Mondkopf.

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New Maenad Veyl & The Sarcasm Ensemble LP, produced, mixed and mastered at Hidden Mountain.

Comfort in Misery is out on vinyl on October 8, 2021.

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Farewell – A story about love and loss written and directed by Vittorio Bonaffini, co-scored by Francesco feat. Alessandro Branca.

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We've had the massive pleasure to collaborate with Skepta and Joshua Faulkner on the soundtrack for Diesel's new Sound of the Brave campaign, starring the MC.

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Casino Royale's long-awaited return Polaris, their first new album since 2011 is out now.

Produced, mixed and mastered at Hidden Mountain.

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Thomas had the pleasure of remixing Where The Trees Are On Fire by These New Puritans for their The Cut: 2016-2019 album.

Out February 2020 on CD and streaming via Infectious Records.

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Vaal drops 4th Gen Smartphone, in support of Black Lives Matter. Sales and donations will aid the important work we have to do to break down systemic racism.

Mixed and mastered at Hidden Mountain.

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Thomas was invited for a Veyl Records retrospective on Resident Advisor's monthly radio show. Streamed by Radio Raheem.

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Aphex Twin plays Bury the Hatchet from the 2015 CW/A album. 🤯

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Puce Mary, Heith, Francesco Leali and Alessandro Branca collude on two tumultuous pieces soaked up in cello-driven ambience, cavernous processing and futuristic glitch sequences.

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